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International top grade English willow

Every bat individually handcrafted

We've been making bats for almost 50 years

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  • Hand sanding a refurb

Warrior Bat Refurbishment

Quality cricket bats can last for years if they are properly looked after. Part of this process is having the bat refurbished and cleaned up when necessary, typically at ...Read More

  • Stealth Bat getting stickered up.

Looking After Your Bat

Throughout the season All bats are affected greatly by wet conditions. For this reason it's best not to take your bat out in the wet. If this is unavoidable, ...Read More

  • Cricket bat with knocking in mallet

Knocking In

Why Knock It In? English Willow, by its nature, is quite soft and fibrous. Against the speed and hardness of a fast-bowl this can leave your bat susceptible to ...Read More


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