Quality cricket bats can last for years if they are properly looked after. Part of this process is having the bat refurbished and cleaned up when necessary, typically at the end of the season depending on usage.

Here at our Yorkshire workshop, we manufacture, repair and refurbish all of our cricket bats as well as many more from other manufacturers and retailers.

Warrior Cricket offer a professional, reliable repair & refurbishment service to cover anything from simple surface cracks to entire re-handling of the blade. We can provide a 5-day turnaround for any bat received, no matter what issues it may have. Please get in touch if you require a faster solution.

The Process

The first stage is to remove the stickers and face tape if applied. This is the rather simple process of heating up the area to loosen the glue so that it is easier to peel off; a heat gun is perfect for this, or even a hair dryer!

Removing stickers and face tape using heat

The bat is then taken to the workbench to be cleaned up using hand tools. Depending on the condition this can be quite the task. This is often the longest part of the process and can require a fair bit of labour depending on the condition of the cricket bat.

Cleaning up the face of a cricket bat using hand tools

Due to the shape of the back, it is best to hand sand this area. The hand tools have been used to scrape away any left-over glue, but the sandpaper will take it back to a nice even surface which will later be buffed.

Hand sanding the back of the cricket bat

The face and edges are then sanded on the machine which is a much quicker process.

Once the bat has been sanded to a smooth, even finish it is then taken to the buffing wheel to be polished up and made to look brand new.

Buffing the Warrior Cricket bat

Now the cricket bat is refurbished and cleaned up, all that is left are the final touches of adding stickers, face tape, grip and a toe guard, if requested.

Cricket Bat RefurbishmentCricket Bat Refurbishment

For more information about our repair & refurbishment services click here.

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