Throughout the season

All bats are affected greatly by wet conditions. For this reason it’s best not to take your bat out in the wet. If this is unavoidable, try keep it off the ground as much as possible, the nature of the wood means it is very porous, which means it will draw moisture in very quickly. This will leave the bat susceptible to damage.

Keeping your bat in the correct conditions is extremely important to prolong life and enable the bat to continue to perform at its best for as long as possible.

Try to store in a cool, dry place between games – under the stairs is perfect.

End of Season

You’d be very lucky if you didn’t endure some surface cracks to your bat come the end of the season.

It’s a good idea to have the bat serviced before you put it away for the winter. A full Warrior service will provide repair to all small cracks, re-facing, a new grip and new stickers. Your bat will be returned looking like new.

After the service the bat needs to be wrapped in a plastic bag to keep the surrounding atmosphere constant throughout winter. A bin bag will do the job.

It should then be stored away from damp and excessive heat as both conditions will weaken the bat leaving it prone to breaking once pre-season comes around.

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