Warrior Cricket have been producing the Warrior brand of English Willow cricket bats in England for over 30 years.

Every bat is individually handcrafted to ensure a top quality product using traditional methods which are over a century old. Our master bat maker has almost 50 years experience manufacturing bespoke cricket bats to suit the individual and unique needs of each cricket player.

The craftsman follows a series of traditional practices to ensure a top quality flawless product. Any Willow determined to be of inferior density and consistency is automatically rejected by our bat master.

Warrior Cricket has a specialist manufacturing pedigree where we manufacture cricket bats in the traditional way. We have the capability to make a bat to a customer’s specification or even a bat to match an existing favourite.

We can turn any cricket bat repair around in 5 days from receipt, whether that be re-blades, re-handle, general repairs or even just a clean and refurbishment. Many of the UK’s retailers trust our service & send their repairs to our workshop.

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From willow to wicket

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Customer Testimonials

“I took my son to Warrior Cricket after a recommendation from a colleague. Ian spent over half an hour showing him the process of making a bat. We both fell in love. Watching Ian planning the bats by hand was a delight. The end product is a thing of beauty. I can’t imagine buying a new bat from anywhere else when he outgrows this one.”

Andy Watson, Facebook

“I got my first ‘proper’ cricket bat from Warrior 25 years ago when I was 18. I play in Australia these days and still get my folks to send me over Ian’s bats! As I write this I currently have 3 Warrior bats in my kit bag, one I’ve had for 4 years, still in perfect knick :) Best bat for money going around, terrific craftsmanship, personal service and made with love by experts and good blokes who are passionate about their brand!”

Danny Lloyd, Facebook

“Quality bat and service. Ian’s a great guy and is very passionate in his work. I spent well over an hour with Ian looking around the shop and looking at bats. Couldn’t recommend any more! I’m due back next Wednesday to pick up some gloves – I wish I’d found this place earlier!”

Oliver Brook, Facebook

“Absolutely top customer service, picked my lads bat up today from Ian. Highly recommend.”

Chris Heaton, Facebook

“The best bat I’ve ever used, wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Tony Palin, Facebook

“Very good bats. It has a good sweet spot on it. The ball just flies on connecting”

Awwal Gani, Facebook

“The best bats I’ve seen and great customer service”

Chris Hoff, Facebook

“Such a great local bat maker can’t wait to get my gear for the coming season”

Wayne Swift, Facebook

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